Infinity Movers is a moving company that is dedicated to removing the dread and stressful feeling that comes with relocations of your residential or commercial property. Our packing and moving services have been regarded by our customers as bar none the easiest move they have ever participated in. Our relocation movers are available 24/7, whenever you need it.

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Infinity Movers started offering packing and moving services in 1999. It all began with Ellis Cowart, owner of Infinity Movers. Before running Infinity Movers, Ellis worked as a cookie manufacturer. Once his business went under, he still had a fleet of trucks leftover from the company, and people began asking if he was available to move their stuff. Ellis took full advantage of this opportunity and turned it into a business opportunity, and thus Infinity Movers was born. To this day, Infinity Movers offers relocation movers and other related services to those that need them.



We have been Chicago’s premier moving company for the past 14 years. At Infinity Movers, we understand how important it is to handle all your prized possessions with care. We keep you fully updated on the status and location of your moving truck, and deliver your property in the same condition we found it. Our packers and movers employ the best practices for relocating every single piece of your property.

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Our moving company hopes to take care of you in every respect we can. We use state-of-the-art communication systems in order to stay in touch with our relocation movers and relay information to you as we gather it. Infinity Movers is a moving company hopes to make all your relocations a pleasurable and easy experience. For more information please browse our services and Frequently Asked Questions pages, they should have more information to answer your questions.

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