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How Do I Choose a Reputable Mover?

The Federal Department of Transportation offers movers valuable information including the following recommendations: Get a written estimate from several movers. The estimate should be based on an actual inspection of your household goods. Make sure the mover has insurance and is licensed by the proper authority. For moves from one State to another, a U.S. DOT number is issued by FMCSA. You can double-check a mover’s license on www.protectyourmove.gov. For moves within a State, requirements vary. Check with your State, county or local consumer affairs agency or your State attorney general. Remember your priorities when choosing a mover. If you hire a mover based solely on the cheapest price, you may be sacrificing other things that are actually more important, such as getting your possessions moved and delivered on time. And remember, movers are required by law to deliver your goods for no more than ten percent above the price of a non-binding estimate. This is known as the 110 percent rule. Do your homework. Read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” a booklet from the Federal government that your mover is required to give you if you are moving from one State to another. This booklet also has information you’ll need if your goods are lost or damaged during the move. Finally, check the mover’s complaint history with local consumer advocacy organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau. We strongly recommend that you follow their advice for the smoothest, most pleasurable move possible.

What are your credentials?

Moving companies are regulated by the government. In Illinois, the Illinois Commerce Commission is the body that licenses moving companies. Infinity Movers Inc.’s ICC license number is 140898. For inter-state moves, the US Department of Transportation regulates moving companies. Our DOT number is 555308. All movers are required to display their license numbers on all their advertising. They are also further required to carry general liability, auto liability, and workers compensation insurance. When in doubt, check the following links: www.protectyourmove.gov Illinois Industry consumer affairs and associations or the Illinois Attorney General In addition to licensing, it is wise to ask for references of past customers. We have been movers serving the Chicago metropolitan area for 14 years and have earned a reputation for outstanding professionalism and are happy to share referrals for past services with you.

When should I call you to arrange my move?
We accommodate any reservation. For local moves it is recommended that you contact us at least a week before your move. For long distance moves, we recommend that you contact us two weeks before the planned pick-up date. If you need more immediate service, call us and we will do everything possible to give you the same fine service we offer regularly scheduled customers.
Do I need an estimate?
Yes. One of our relocation consultants is ready to give you an estimate for small moves on the phone. But, we recommend that an Infinity Movers consultant visually inspect your goods and give you a formal estimate. There is no charge for this evaluation and estimate. This is good business and avoids misunderstanding.
What additional costs should I expect beyond the estimate?
There are no additional or hidden costs. We do NOT charge travel fees, truck fees, gas fees, or material fees (for materials used in the move such as tape, shrink wrapping pads, etc). There are no hidden fees of any kind after the move that are not clearly itemized in the estimate.
When is the best time to move?
Whatever works best for you is the “best time” to move. Traditionally, early in the week and month are the easiest times to schedule your move. The weekends and end of months require careful planning. Summers are always the busiest times for movers. Please contact a sales representative to learn about peak versus off-peak local rates.
How long will it take to move?
This depends on many factors, including the time of year, weather conditions, size of your shipment, size of the elevator, time required to load and unload, and the direction and distance your shipment is traveling. We can help you estimate the time your move will take when we discuss your requirements.
When and how will I pay?
We accept all forms of payment except personal checks. This includes, but is not limited to, certified money orders, cash, and all major credit cards. For local moves we must take payment at the end of the move. For long distance moves we take half upon pickup and the other half at the destination prior to unloading.
Is tipping the movers expected?
Tipping is not required. You should decide based on the quality of the move that you receive. If you do chose to tip your movers based on the quality of their work, you might give either a small percentage of the entire move, or a small dollar amount for each mover. In any event you should never feel like you must tip any amount you are uncomfortable with.
What if I want to pack my own stuff?
If you choose to do some or all of your own packing in preparation for your relocation, we can provide the necessary boxes and packing recommendations. It’s especially important that you be familiar with the techniques that will best protect your possessions. Boxes should be packed tightly with padding after items are inside to prevent shifting during transportation. China and other similar items should be individually packed and then packing material should be packed between those pieces to avoid possibility of shifting while moving. You can use anything like newspaper, blankets or linens to pack these boxes tight. We’ve prepared Packing Guidelines to share with you those methods which our professional packers use every day.
Can I pack clothes in my dresser drawers?
Lightweight clothing-sweaters, shirts, blouses, lingerie-may be left in light dressers. But remember that heavier items can damage the furniture in transit.
Am I protected against loss or damage?
Yes. We are fully insured against damages in transit and will cover your specific needs when our consultant discusses your move with you
What if it’s raining or snowing on my scheduled moving day?
All of your furniture is wrapped in padding or shrink wrap so you do not need to worry about them getting wet. We also use film and plastic floor covering to protect your flooring from damage.
What if I am moving to or from a high rise or large complex?
Most apartments, condominium and townhome associations and industrial complexes have specific rules and requirements that must be met when moving in or out. We will work with you to follow those requirements: We can park on the street based on availability. We can arrange parking permits to accommodate the requirements of Chicago and its suburbs when necessary for a small fee when required. Most buildings with elevators are going to require that you get authorization for a specific time that you can use them for your move. And they may require a deposit.You should look into this immediately to make sure you can get the time you want. (Infinity Movers does not charge different rates for houses and for high rises.) Most associations and building managers will require a “Certificate of Liability”. At your request we can send this to them or give you an extra copy for them.
Can my possessions be stored temporarily?
If you are unable to take immediate possession of your new residence, your belongings can be stored at reasonable cost in our local state-of-the-art warehouse.
How do you handle moving jewelry and other valuables?
Infinity Movers can move valuables such as money, jewelry, or other items of extraordinary value with appropriate insurance, but we recommend that you carry irreplaceable and expensive articles with you.
Can I ride in your truck?
Our insurance does not permit customers to ride in the truck with the movers.
Will you unpack my belongings and clean up after?
We do unpack your boxes as required with no additional charge beyond the time it takes to complete the job. And, of course, we do always clean up after ourselves.
One of my items was damaged or lost, what should I do?
Unfortunately sometimes – even with the best of care – damages occur. We do everything in our power to avoid this happening. If damage occurs or there are any problems with the move, please discuss this with the movers immediately and give us a call so we can work out a solution to the problem.
You did a great job, is there somewhere I can leave positive feedback?
We always love to hear about the great jobs our movers do. And we will be asking you to fill out a feedback form when we complete your job. But the very best thing you can do if you liked our service, is to tell a friend and post on Yelp or on your Facebook page.

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